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China West Airport Group Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch

On December 7, 2009, China West Airport Group Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation agreement for bank and enterprise with China Construction Bank Corporation Shaanxi Branch at Xi'an People Building. The chairman of the Group He Xi Kui attended the ceremony for signing and delivered a speech, the president of the Group Zeng Shun Fu and the president of China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch Cui Bin Zhou signed the agreement respectively on behalf of the parties.

In order to give full play to the linkage advantages of the Group and China Construction Bank, establish a closer and securer cooperation between the bank and enterprise, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, through the friendly consultation between both parties, adhering to the principles of "long-term cooperation, mutual benefit, honesty and credit, common development", the Group and China Construction Bank agreed to establish a "strategic cooperation partnership".

Based on the agreement, China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch will grant the Group with the treatment of key customer at the level of the head office, and provide the Group with the comprehensive credit line with the total sum of RMB 5.0 billion Yuan. At the same time, China Construction Bank will regard the Group as one of the important strategic-type customers and long-term cooperation partners, and give the full support to the development of the Group. Under the national laws and monetary policies, China Construction Bank will carry out a multi-level business cooperation with the Group on comprehensive credit, fund management and online banking, and give priority to providing various financial services and supports to the Group and the member enterprises; the Group will regard China Construction Bank Shaanxi branch as an important long-term strategic partner, and give priority to China Construction Bank for financial cooperation under the same conditions.

The Vice President and Chief Accountant of the Group Yang Bin, the Vice President of China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch Wei Cheng Guo, and the leading comrades of the Group, Xianyang International Airport Limited Company, the Airport Construction Conductor Department of the Group, and the Client Department of China Construction Bank Shaanxi Branch, attended the ceremony. (Ao Bin)